Louisiana Homeowner’s Insurance: What You Should Know & How To Prepare
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Published on July 2, 2022

Louisiana Homeowner’s Insurance: What You Should Know & How To Prepare

Neighborly & Kastner Insurance Group want to help you navigate the recent changes in Louisiana Homeowner’s Insurance 

At Neighborly, it is important that we keep our clients and referral partners up to date on topics that matter the most. One of the most important factors that can play a part in making sure a deal gets to the closing table is Homeowner’s Insurance Premiums. It is something every home is required to have, and every homeowner must pay. Of course, we may not be telling you something you don’t already know, but did you know that in the past few months major players in the insurance industry have pulled their services out of Louisiana?

Some of you might have experienced this change already by receiving the dreaded letter of non-continuance of coverage or in the middle of financing your home you suddenly find yourself scrambling to find a new insurance quote.

While this may be a change that affects all homeowners in Louisiana, it doesn’t have to be a change that keeps you up at night. We teamed up with local insurance expert Levi Kastner, the owner of Kastner Insurance Group, to inform and educate our clients and real estate agents on what’s going on in the insurance market. In the video linked below, we explain how to prepare for the changes before financing a home. We discuss how the debt-to-income ratios are being stretched because insurance premiums are rising which makes it tougher for borrowers to qualify for a home loan.

The #1 thing to remember is that when you work with Neighborly Home Lending you are working a team of individuals that continuously researches and strives to understand the ever-changing market. We do this to ensure that no matter the circumstances our clients make it to the closing table the simple, easy, smart way!



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