Market-Rate Updates for 6/22/2022
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Published on June 22, 2022

Market-Rate Updates for 6/22/2022

Market-Rate Updates as of 6/22/2022:

Here are three updates you should know about the market today! First and foremost what are rates doing? They are hovering right around the same I think the national 30-year average is just about 6.1%, we are at a little lower than that, so always be checking your mortgage rate. Shop it out, even if it’s not with us, you should get a second opinion.

Second, there is new data put out by one of our lender partners’ home point, the second-largest wholesale lender in the country has identified that when borrowers use an independent mortgage broker like us, they save an average of $8,000. That is an aggregate of all the way from a $50,000 loan to a half-million-dollar loan. Great savings by using an independent mortgage broker. Another reason to get a second opinion as it’s more important than ever now.

Third, transaction coordinators and Realtors are going to love this, so you know we are always looking to improve our technology, processes, systems, and honestly everything. We have just now ruled that the transaction coordinators will get automated updates on every stage of that loan file, just like real estate agents and borrowers are getting updates on the selling and the listing side of the transaction. So let us know how we can help, and don’t forget to call us for a second opinion.

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