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Neighborly Home Lending is a different kind of mortgage brokerage firm

Neighborly Home Lending is not the biggest firm, and we don’t seek to be. We were founded on the ideal that what we do changes lives and the value we create cannot be measured as a simple number.

We simplify the complex

We are not like other mortgage brokerage companies hiding behind complicated language and products. Rather, our goal is to empower our customers by simplifying the complexity associated with getting a mortgage so that anyone can understand the process, and benefit from their understanding. We seek to provide unrivaled service, speed, and personal involvement from one of our officers in every step of the process.

About Giving back

Neighborly Home Lending was also established with a conscious awareness of our social responsibility to the communities we serve. To that end, 5% of our profits are put aside to reinvest in our communities and foster youth entrepreneurship through non-profit programs and classes. We believe in being a good neighbor, kindness, generosity, projecting positive energy, and the responsibilities that come with that.

A Different Approach and Solution for Home Buyers

Neighborly Home Lending knows the mortgage industry has been plagued with providers that don’t provide prompt service, personal interaction, or give back to the community they are helping to build.

We built our business to be the solution to all these problems. We have created and optimized our systems and workflow to create and increase efficiency in the loan process, placed a higher value on communication above all else, and mandated that community betterment be a cornerstone of our culture.

Our core values are to be constantly seeking to be the solution which includes being resourceful in solving a problem, and being proactive, and looking for problems to solve. We also are focused on challenging the Status Quo. We encourage our team to constantly find new ways to serve, and break barriers by being different.

We don’t talk about being a better company. We demand it.

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