Struggled through 2021? Here Are The Top 8 Ways To Crush 2022!
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Published on November 24, 2020

Struggled through 2021? Here Are The Top 8 Ways To Crush 2022!

This is usually the time of year that most people really start contemplating if they want to follow through on their New Year resolutions or not.

They start to ruminate on why they can’t seem to keep their resolutions and what about their habits and thinking really needs work.

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And while we can always improve our performance in many different areas, below are a few of the ways that you can incorporate some better habits that will lead to a much more successful 2022 in comparison to your lazy 2021 performance.

1. Stop Wasting Your Commute Time Listening To The Radio.

When you stop and think about it, most people spend an inordinate amount of time in their cars.

Whether you have a long commute or you have children that you are responsible for dropping off at school, you are looking at a LOT of wasted time listening to the radio. Music may elevate your mood, but it does nothing to level up your life.

Choose a podcast to listen to and gobble up some knowledge. Or download a book that you have been wanting to read with Audible.

No one ever regretted learning something new that could improve their daily life.

Music often won’t.

The News simply can’t.

2. Stop Telling Others How Busy You Are And How Life Is Such A Chore.

One of the worst things that most people complain about is having to deal with people who constantly gripe about how busy and stressed they are. Yet, what is the first thing that comes out of most of our mouths when asked how we have been?

“Omg, so busy!”

Stop doing that. If you are that busy and stressed, you need to slow down and rethink how you are living your life. Simple as that.

And, as far as the response goes, most people really don’t care what you respond with, they care about YOU.

So say anything but the words “Busy” and “Stressed” and tell the other person what you are grateful for.

Instant improvement.

3. Always Assume You Have Something To Learn

“Learning = Growth and Growth = Life” – Dr. Lee Thayer

Going through life in the “knowing mode” really doesn’t get you anywhere fast.

As a society, we thrive off of doing things better and faster. Why would you ever think you couldn’t be better tomorrow than you were today?

When we think we know everything that we need to know, we stagnate and turn to other hedonistic forms of entertainment because daily improvement isn’t even on our radar.

Start thinking about where you can improve in your daily life, at work, or in your home and go after it.

Simply waking up each day and repeating the motions is so 2020.

4. Complain A Little Less Each And Every Day

The other day an entire article that I was working on got deleted and my truck had two flats from parking in a parking lot leading to current construction. While on the phone headed home, as I am complaining about how terrible today was, guess what was waiting to greet me at the interstate exit ramp?

That’s right, ole Homeless Joe.

You know what is worse than two flat tires and a deleted project? Not having a truck, a home, or an option for dinner that night.

Perspective, especially a change in it, is a powerful thing.

5. Make “Relentless” Your Word For 2022

A popular thing amongst most of us Americans is to choose a word that we will embody for the upcoming year.

A few popular ones are “healthy”, “happy”, “sober”, and “calm”. And while all these adjectives can be extremely satisfying, one adverb should take priority to rule them all: relentlessly.

If everyone took the stance that they would relentlessly pursue their “words” of 2021, the world would undoubtedly become a better place to live.

Without any quitting and everyone striving to better themselves in their own respective realms, we may actually forward as a human race.

6. Prioritize Your Sleep: Go To Bed Earlier Or Wake Up A Little Later

This one is easy and so repetitive, yet most people ignore it because they feel as though they can…for now.

Yet all of the pains and ailments of our society could be drastically reduced by simply spending more time in bed. 

This isn’t rocket science. And since you already won’t be complaining or telling others how busy you are, you are already headed in the right direction.

Now you simply have to lay down in bed and close your eyes though. Do that first, then you can overthink how to troubleshoot the rest.

7. Plan Tomorrow, Today!

Stop planning your day first thing in the morning. Start knowing what you are going to tackle the next day, the night before.

You can learn a lot about yourself doing this.

You will either find that you simply are inefficient with your time or that you are quite inadequate at pursuing your goals. 

Don’t misconstrue these as bad things. Remember, we always have something to learn.

Figure out what your individual inadequacies or interruptions are and then work to mitigate them.

Just imagine what you won’t be putting up with in 2022 if you start this now…

8. Eat Real Food.

Saving the best for last. If you want to absolutely crush 2022, stop eating all the crap you did in 2020-2021.

The worst way to accelerate forward is by pressing the brake. Yet, that is exactly what most people do.

They start the day off with a large sugary caramel macchiato.

Then a subway sandwich.

A donut or piece of king cake from the break room.

Then it is off to Thai delight for dinner.

“Oh, I don’t how I gained 15lbs last year…” 


Remove all the noise in the diet world and simply start eating real food.

If it didn’t grow, crawl, or fly, then don’t eat it.

Simply removing all of the processed garbage from your diet will free up loads of space in regards to the amount of energy you will now have.

So, don’t waste it.

In summary, if you don’t want to have the same results as 2021, then you must figure out the bad habits that you need to stop in 2021. If you are still completing any of the aforementioned ones or you have yet to incorporate the ones that you should, let’s change that!

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