A native of South Louisiana – having been raised in both Lafayette and New Orleans – Austin Shumaker founded Louisiana Home Lending to bring a different approach to mortgage lending.
Austin grew tired of seeing so many people struggle through getting a home loan because that process was needlessly complex. Shumaker built his company with a client first approach and a mission to make buying a home as simple, clear and stress-free as possible.

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Prior to starting his career in the residential mortgage business, Shumaker spent a number of years in the oil & gas industry – becoming intimately familiar with the unique regional demands of lending in the south. He understands the Louisiana economy and knows how to get financing for the men and women who work in our unique industrial landscape.

Raised in an entrepreneurial family fostered the notion that reinvestment by business in the community is foundational to the growth into and beyond the 21st century. That’s why, in addition to providing exceptional customer service, Shumaker structured Louisiana Home Lending to return 5% of our profits to community programs that spark the entrepreneurial spirit in Louisiana youth.

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