Hello, I’m Nicholas (call me Nick) Richard. I’m originally from Opelousas, La but currently reside in Lafayette, La. I am educated, motivated, and ambitious. I’m also a positive; extrovert with an aim to establish internal and external connections via the workplace.I am also highly passionate about recreational fitness leading to a lifelong commitment to becoming a successful tri-athlete.I recently completed the Oilman Texas Half-Ironman I served in the U.S Airforce as a propulsions mechanic for 6 years. I was a Previous Adjunct Professor at ULL, where I got my Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.I have recently moved back to Lafayette from New Orleans I just became a father recently, so that has been a growing and joyful experience. I am really looking forward to reestablishing relationships with friends both old and new in this journey into the mortgage industry!

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