Hi, I’m Nikki the Chief Operations Officer, which is just a fancy way to say that I use creative vision and insight to ensure that Neighborly Home Lending’s operations run smoothly to support client experience at all junctures and support the growth of our team members both personally and professionally. It is said that a good operator is often an invisible team member, but at Neighborly Home Lending everyone is a visible and vital part of the team. Since becoming a part of the team in 2019, my goal has been and continues to be focusing on our greatest commitment to our clients and the community, which is to create and foster joy through home ownership. I have a bachelor’s in Information Technology & Business Administration from Northwestern University. My professional background is diverse, but the 10 years working in behavioral health understanding human behavior has taught me the most about helping and leading individuals. My greatest joy is teaching and mentoring others in the areas of business practices, personal growth, and faith to help them move toward becoming the best version of themselves.